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About us

Florina AS is a small consultant company providing management consultant services and project management. The company is operated and run by Oscar Floor. Operating from Sandefjord, serving my clients with 25 years of experience from a broad variety of business areas and as an advisor.

My role in projects is often to be the link between customer and supplier. As an independent consultant, I am often at the customerís side of the table and make sure that the customer gets what they want. To put it simple: successful projects.


  • Dutch-born Scandinavian
  • Education in Economics and Information Science in the Netherlands
  • 25 years of experience in project management and business development
  • International projects
  • Experience from many different lines of business and solutions


I have been working as a management consultant for many years. Before that, I have had positions as Project Manager, System Architect, Development Manager and Consultant Manager in different companies.


Do you need someone to run a project for you? Please drop me an email at or call me at +47 900 63 300.

I would like to meet you for a non-binding conversation about your needs.


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